BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) and power batteries, has been at the forefront of battery technology for over 27 years. Since its formation, BYD’s battery expertise, and pioneering technological innovations have been empowering the transition to electrification of transportation across all sectors, and inspiring eMobility on a global level.

The popularity of BYD NEV passenger cars has led to record-breaking sales for the company, and this together with BYD pure-electric buses for public transport, as well as pure-electric commercial trucks and vans, has been hugely influential in BYD becoming the leading global NEV manufacturer.

The pure-electric all-wheel-drive BYD Tang SUV driving in Norway

BYD new energy vehicles are making a valuable contribution to carbon reduction, helping to protect the environment through zero-emission solutions. BYD eBuses are transforming public transportation giving commuters, shoppers and tourists the ability to travel on non-polluting, zero-emission buses with almost zero noise pollution. Similarly, BYD eTrucks and NEV passenger cars are rapidly claiming an ever-increasing market share in their respective sectors. Alongside this, is also a range of BYD pure-electric forklifts for industrial use.

The BYD ETM6 pure-electric truck operating in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This success is built on experience. For over two decades, BYD has been inspiring eMobility through innovation in battery technology. From the outset, BYD has focused exclusively on pure-electric battery powered vehicles in its commercial range. Taking this a step further, BYD announced in April 2022 that it would be ceasing production of full combustion engine vehicles to focus on battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. Significantly, BYD is the first OEM in the world to make such a commitment, supporting its vision for a sustainable future, driven by electrification, for a better life.

BYD Global Decarbonization Report

BYD pioneering innovation in Iron-Phosphate Battery Technology

BYD has made huge strides in the development of battery technology over the last 27 years. This unparalleled expertise has served BYD well in developing some of the most technologically advanced electric vehicles. The successful implementation of BYD new energy vehicles is an excellent example of how technological innovation is influencing change, demonstrating the reliability and benefits of electrification.

BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery

Proven BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery Technology developed for safety and reliability is at the heart of BYD’s NEV product range. BYD is, in fact, the largest manufacturer of Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LFP) batteries for which industry data shows there is substantially increased demand. As technology continues to advance, LFP batteries are expected to account for more than 60 per cent of the global power battery market by 2024. There is a good reason. LFP batteries are cobalt free and produced using a material that has excellent thermal stability compared to other battery alternatives. As such BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery Technology has passed stringent safety tests, including crush tests, heat tests, overcharging tests, which has even exceeded regulatory requirements. BYD was one of the first companies to use a battery thermal management system, to ensure that the battery temperature remains at the optimum level for efficient and reliable operation in all extremes of weather. Such is the energy efficiency, BYD NEVs in all categories produce some of the industry’s most impressive ranges.

BYD Blade Battery revolutionising the industry

BYD is also the name behind the game-changing Blade Battery. The ultra-safe BYD Blade Battery used in all BYD passenger cars, is revolutionising the industry in terms of safety and battery density, to deliver the ultimate in EV performance.

Such performance is derived from the unique ‘array’ structure of the cells, in an ingenious design which also gives over 50% more space than traditional block batteries.

BYD Blade Battery

BYD Blade Battery has undergone stringent nail-penetration tests for safety with outstanding success, reaching a remarkably low 30°- 60°C without emitting smoke or fire, further endorsing its excellent safety credentials.

BYD synonymous with innovation in technology and engineering excellence

As a result, BYD has become synonymous with technological innovation and engineering excellence, developing revolutionary products with proven reliability. Such is the extent of its successful growth, BYD now employs more than 40,000 engineers who are committed to designing the most efficient solutions for a brighter, better future. One distinct advantage is BYD’s unique capability for controlling the entire chain from raw materials, R&D and design, to manufacture, application and recycling. It is through this resource and expertise, that BYD is the first and only automotive manufacturer to produce its own powertrain system, battery, motors and motor control system.

BYD’s proven NEV solutions reducing carbon footprints around the world

From electric passenger cars, to buses and trucks, BYD NEV solutions are making an impact around the world as the transition to electrification is fast gaining momentum across public, commercial and private transport sectors.

It was BYD who put the world’s first pure-electric bus fleet into commercial operation in 2010. Today, BYD pure-electric buses are helping the electrification of public transport in cities around the world. They are being very well received by many major public transport operators, who are seeking reliable and practical zero-emission vehicles to help protect the environment, while encouraging more people to use public transport.

BYD’s world-leading credentials in battery technology have been pivotal to this, reassuring bus operators that they have quality vehicles in their fleet that they can trust, and rely upon, on a daily basis while delivering greater efficiencies too.

BYD e-bus Global Presence

Proof is in the numbers. Over 1.9 million BYD new energy passenger vehicles and 70,000 electric buses have been produced, operating in 70 countries and more than 400 cities around the world, which has helped benefit the environment to the equivalent of saving 11 million tonnes of COcompared to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. In simple terms, this equates to planting 896 million trees!

In Europe, BYD now has over 2600 eBuses operating, or on order, across 20 countries and in over 100 cities. Over 1000 eBuses have been delivered to the UK alone and played a prominent role at COP26. Similarly, over 400 electric buses have been delivered and are operating in extreme weather conditions in the Nordics.

BYD pure-electric buses operating in over 100 major European cities across 20 countries

Such performance has also been mirrored by BYD’s passenger car in Norway. Taking part in the Norway’s biggest winter test for WLTP range, the pure-electric BYD Tang SUV excelled against its counterparts, losing the least amount of range of all participating fully electric cars.

BYD: Committed to a sustainable future for a Better Life

BYD strongly believes that collaboration is key to a sustainable future and has been instrumental in developing many successful partnerships that continue to go from strength to strength. BYD is unwavering in its commitment to technological innovation to reduce carbon footprint and air pollution, and is dedicated to leading the way in eMobility for a better life.

About BYD 

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is the world’s leading electric vehicle company with proven innovative technology for cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, and rail systems – like SkyRail. BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. BYD now has four industries including Auto, Electronics, New Energy, and Rail Transit. Its creation of a Zero Emissions Energy Solution, comprising affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage, and cutting-edge electrified transportation, has made it an industry leader in the energy and transportation sectors. BYD is a Warren Buffet-backed company and is listed both on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. BYD has over 220,000 employees across 30 industrial sites globally. BYD is the Global Sales Champion in Electric Vehicle for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. BYD is the World’s Largest Electric Bus manufacturer in the world and has delivered the World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet in the world. BYD is the Third Largest Automaker with market capitalization of $136.4 billion. BYD is also one of the 1st OEMs of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) globally to produce 1,000,000 electric passenger vehicle. Read More

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Cimex successfully managed to get the dealership of world leading electric vehicle maker BYD in Nepal. Being the authorized distributor of BYD in Nepal, Cimex introduced long range pure electric vehicle in Nepal with the aim to bring green revolution in automobile sector of Nepal. In Nepal’s context, electric vehicles could be a solution to ever-growing environmental problem and with the electricity generation potential, Cimex Inc aims to capitalize the opportunity and maneuver the country toward green revolution via electric mobility. Cimex offers wide choice of electric vehicle in Nepal ranging from electric SUVs, MPVs, eForklift, eBus in Nepal. Along with this Cimex also provides electric mobility solution- EV charger, after-sales service, charging infrastructure network. Cimex is also the Largest Charging Station Operator in Nepal. Read More