• Five new generation 12-metre BYD eBuses have been delivered to Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s largest Public Transport Operator.
  • The pure-electric eBuses feature BYD’s latest technical innovations, including its state-of-the-art battery technology for a longer driving range, demonstrated by a unique 500km journey from The Netherlands to Karlsruhe, in Germany, with just a short driver break for charging.
  • BYD eBuses have the added benefit of FleetLink smart connectivity for fleet management efficiencies.
  • The eBuses delivered to Deutsche Bahn in Ettlingen will operate in the German district of Karlsruhe.
Delivery of the latest BYD 12-metre eBuses to Deutsche Bahn

Ettlingen / Karlsruhe, Germany – BYD, the world’s leading eBus manufacturer, has delivered five of its first new generation 12-metre pure-electric eBuses to Deutsche Bahn in Germany following a momentous journey for electric powered public transport. Deutsche Bahn (DB) is Germany’s largest Public Transport Operator and has a framework agreement in place with BYD for the rollout of eBus orders in 2021 and beyond.

The official handover to DB took place in Ettlingen, located in the district of Karlsruhe in Germany. This concluded an epic 500 km road journey for the BYD eBuses from Oosterhoud in the Netherlands to their Karlsruhe destination, stopping only for a short break in Bonn for the drivers to rest and top-up charging. It was an excellent example of the driving range capabilities that the new, upgraded pure-electric BYD eBuses now offer.

This delivery further enhances DB’s evolving electric bus fleet which will operate on both urban and national routes. The arrival of the new generation 12-metre BYD eBuses represents yet another positive step forward in reliable and safe electric mobility, while also offering numerous fleet management efficiency benefits to transport operators. They come equipped with the latest innovative technology from BYD and a multitude of ‘home-from-home’ features for the best passenger comfort.

Each of the five pure-electric buses is powered by state-of-the-art BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology with increased energy density that now provides an even longer driving range for continuous hours of non-stop operation, as well as an extended battery life. Under Standardised on Road Test (SORT) conditions, the new generation 422 kWh battery delivers an impressive driving range in excess of 400km on a single charge. The driving range capability has been further demonstrated by the recent 500 km journey from The Netherlands to Germany.

One of the latest generations of the BYD 12-metre eBuses for DB

The latest generation 12-metre BYD eBus includes an all-new emissions-reducing CO2 air conditioning system which elevates environmental-protection to yet another level. This substantiates BYD’s ongoing commitment to a creating a cleaner, better world.

The unique ‘6 in 1’ controller is also another important feature inherent to BYD eBuses. BYD is the only electric bus manufacturer to develop a control system which integrates the battery, motor, motor controller and all the vehicle’s principle electronic components in one complete electric vehicle ecosystem.

While pioneering vehicle electrification technology is at the heart of BYD’s new generation eBus, there has also been careful consideration applied to the interior and exterior design to produce a vehicle that pleases on every level, for passengers and drivers alike. The exterior is modern and dynamic, and the interior does not compromise on style either.

BYD incorporates its 2020 iF award-winning ‘Home from Home’ design concept within its 12-metre eBus. Passengers have a comfortable and visually pleasing environment in which to travel, creating the perfect ambience to make their journeys relaxing and pleasurable, while offering high levels of safety.

Attention to detail extends to the driver space too. The BYD eBuses delivered to DB have a larger than average space around the driver’s seat with ample room for storing personal belongings.

Michael Lechelt, Head of Operative Fleet Management, DB Regio Bus, speaking on behalf of Deutsche Bahn in Germany commented: “These are the first BYD vehicles in our fleet, and hopefully there will be more. Recently, we have seen an increase in demand from the PTAs for vehicles with alternative drive and especially for buses with electric drive. Therefore, we assume that we will see more vehicles in our fleet during the next weeks and months.

“The vehicles have an impressive long range. Even with extreme temperatures during the winter and fully loaded, the vehicles will manage their routes. Drivers who have tested the buses have been very satisfied with regards to the riding experience, driving dynamics and driving characteristics.”

BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho, says: “We are proud to be a partner of electric buses to DB and despite the pandemic, we have once again delivered on time. This is yet another example of how public transport operators throughout Europe are making the transition to electric mobility solutions from BYD.”

About DB Regio AG

DB Regio AG is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn which operates regional and commuter train services in Germany. DB Regio AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It is a 100% subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn Group and there part of the DB Regio business segment, which also includes DB Regionnetz Verkehrs GmbH and other independent subsidiaries. The company as a mainly nationwide operational company is responsible for all regional transport activities (rail and bus) of the DB Group in Germany. This includes traffic in neighboring countries. For the maintenance of the vehicle fleet, the company operates its own workshops. Deutsche Bahn is Germany’s largest Public Transport Operator (PTO).

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