BYD Europe has revealed specification details for its 2021-model BYD Tang SUV, marking its launch into the passenger car market in Norway. The new seven-seat full-electric vehicle is being marketed and sold through BYD’s partner in Norway, RSA – one of Scandinavia’s leading importers and dealer networks.

The four-wheel-drive BYD Tang brings a bold new look to the Norwegian SUV sector and is aimed squarely at the family market, boasting seven seats and an extremely high level of equipment. BYD Europe believes its ultra-high level of technology – for driver and passengers – will offer strong appeal for the discerning Norwegian car buyer.

Top-line performance figures for the BYD Tang include a class-leading range of up to 505km (NEDC) and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6-seconds from its 86.4 kWh battery capacity.

The new BYD Tang SUV 2021-model

Seven seats and an exclusive interior

Following extensive customer demonstrations, BYD Tang’s 2021 model will feature seven seats to maximise its appeal for families. An extremely high level of technology for all occupants will, BYD believes, make the BYD Tang ‘a hugely attractive proposition’ capable of combining the daily commute with full-day family adventures on a single charge.

The interior has received a major upgrade, with all seats upholstered in brown leather and waffle stitching, offering exclusivity and quality. Both driver and front passenger seats are ventilated and heated to provide the ultimate in luxury in the front of the cabin. For the front passengers too, a large infotainment screen can be rotated in either a horizontal or vertical format to suit specific vehicle displays.

A large panoramic glass roof lets natural light flood into the cabin, providing a light, airy feel for everyone on-board. At lower light levels, strategic LED lighting can be adjusted to 31 different configurations to ensure optimum comfort. BYD Tang owners in 2021 are also treated to a fantastic level of connectivity, including 4G technology, DAB radio and OTA (Over-the-Air Technology), all future-proofed to allow the additional of more functionality as technology is upgraded.

Interior of the new BYD Tang SUV 2021-model

Innovative battery technology

BYD has been lauded worldwide for the recent introduction of its innovative electric ‘Blade Battery’. Its all-new design means Blade Battery is lighter and more robust than other electric car batteries. The result represents a step-change for the electric vehicle industry. The Blade Battery has undergone exhaustive development, including nail and furnace testing, neither of which resulted in fire or any kind of explosive response. In fact, BYD’s Blade Battery reached an incredibly low 60 degrees Celsius following the stringent nail test.

Dealer network and delivery time

With its partner RSA, BYD Norway has a dealer network that extends throughout the country and beyond, and is regularly adding new dealer points at strategic locations.

Production of the 2021 BYD Tang model for Norway will commence in the second quarter of 2021, with first deliveries expected in late summer.

“Although it’s been a challenging time for the passenger car sector,” said BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho, “we are extremely excited by the very positive reaction to our BYD Tang demonstration programme. It’s clear this stylish new car brings a new dynamic to the Norwegian SUV market – a highly desirable, highly capable vehicle for drivers, yet with abundant practicality for family living. The combination,” he said, “presents a hugely attractive proposition in the family car market.”

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