Company Introduction

    Cimex is the authorized distributor for BYD Products in Nepal. Cimex has been offering electric vehicles and promoting e-mobility in Nepal through various consumer and public effort. CIMEX, as a company, has always stood in support of bringing formative changes to people’s lives in different capacities. Being an authorized distributor of BYD, CIMEX aims to spearhead a green revolution in Nepal’s automobile sector.

    CIMEX has always been in the forefront of the movement toward electric mobility in Nepal. CIMEX has been involved in developing infrastructures required to run electric vehicles and help the government put forward policies that foster electric mobility among the general public. CIMEX helped policymakers draft the National Action Plan for Electric Mobility in Nepal which specifically deals with instituting favorable policies to promote electric vehicles and introducing step-by-step plans to phase out fossil fuel and transition to locally-generated electric energy.

Cimex As a Pioneer in Electric Mobility

  • First commercial charging station in Nepal
  • Largest commercial charging station operator in Nepal
  • Cimex RND: Developed EV home charger in-house
  • Delivery of first electric vehicle to the government of Nepal
  • Awarded the Largest EV contract in Nepal by Asian Development Bank
  • Successfully delivered BYD electric vehicle to Rt Honorable President of Nepal, National Planning Commission, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Nepal Electricity Authority

Cimex Portfolio

Cimex has been working in the telecommunications sector in Nepal since the early 1980s by partnering with global companies like Alcatel, Mitsubishi, and ZTE. Cimex has covered almost 70% of the country’s communication needs and has been working closely with Nepal Telecom. Cimex has provided equipment ranging from point to point transmission link to the state of the art WLL CDMA phone lines.

Cimex has partnered with KRUPP, Germany and its co-partner, NOELL AND THYSSEN to supply hydraulic steel structures for a 60 MW major hydroproject. Cimex has also represented VATTENFALL, Sweden for providing electric poles, conductors and substation. Cimex is currently working with TRACTBEL for a new project.

Cimex has partnered with major construction from around the world for various projects. Cimex has worked as consultant for PCI Japan for a feeder road project. Likewise, Cimex has also collaborated with CWHSC, China for road construction and with Golden Bell, South Korea for Hetauda Cement Project.

Cimex Inc has been promoting renewable and alternative energy technologies especially solar in Nepal. Cimex is acting as an intermediary institution between the operational level i.e. NGOs/private promoters of renewable energy and the policy decision levels in Alternate Energy promotion centers and relevant ministries. Cimex Inc activities includes supply of over 10,000 units of solar home system in rural and earthquake affected areas of Nepal.

With the aim of capitalizing the aggressive growth in the automobile industry, Cimex successfully managed to get the dealership of world leading electric vehicle maker BYD. Cimex as company has been always trying to bring changes in the lives in different capacity. Being the authorized distributor of BYD, Cimex aims to bring the green revolution in automobile sector of Nepal. Electric Vehicles are an important component in the solution to ever-growing environmental problems and with the electricity generation potential, Cimex Inc aims to capitalize the opportunity and maneuver the country toward green revolution..