BYD e6

A Pure Long Range Electric SUV

BYD e6 is a long-range, pure-electric crossover SUV with superior interior space designed for comfort. Equipped with BYD’s UL certified Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, BYD e6 is one of the safest electric vehicles in the world and has six airbags. This front-wheel-drive electric vehicle gives 400 km of range on a single charge. BYD e6 was ranked as the best-selling pure electric car in China in 2016 and won the gold medal for ‘Best Quality Product’ in Havana International Fair 2015.

BYD e6 snapshot

400 Km in single charge
80% charge in 45 mins
450 Nm torque
20 years battery life, 4000 cycle
High single mileage 11,24,518 Km
40,000 units sold worldwide

BYD e6 Features

Cruise Control
Hill Hold Assist
Glass by
6 Air Bags
Bosch Wiper
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Vehicle Diagnostic System
A/C on Board Charge
Bi-directional Charging & Dishcharging

BYD e6 Interior