Nobina, one of Finland’s and the Nordic region’s principal public transport operators, has taken delivery of 43 latest-model 15-metre eBuses from BYD – Europe’s and the world’s leading electric bus manufacturer. The hand-over also marks BYD’s presence for the first time in the Finnish bus market.

The new BYD 15-metre eBus for Nobina Oy in Turku, Finland

The initial deliveries form part of a total order from Nobina for 119 BYD eBuses – the largest ever in Finland – and the first time BYD’s latest 15-metre model will enter commercial operations. The new fleet is being deployed on Nobina’s services in the city of Turku on Finland’s south-western coast. The remaining 76 BYD eBuses will be delivered to Nobina’s Helsinki region operation in mid-August, with models including the new 15-metre eBus, BYD’s best-selling 12-metre model, BYD’s latest 13-metre variant and the company’s high-capacity 18-metre articulated model.

A joint Nobina and BYD team is introducing the eBus today (Wednesday, June 30th) in the neighbouring town of Naantali which will also benefit from BYD eMobility when the vehicles are deployed from tomorrow. Attending the hand-over is the management team of Nobina Finland, including Mr. Petri Auno, CEO of Nobina Oy; as well as the local Traffic Manager and the technical team; alongside Mr. Lauri Jorasmaa, Head of Public Transport Planning, Föli, part of Turku Region Traffic.

From left to right: Petri Auno, CEO of Nobina Oy; Lauri Jorasmaa, Head of Public Transport Planning, Föli (Turku Region Traffic); Niko Kortelainen, Traffic Chief (of Turku area) at Nobina Oy; Urban Löfvenberg, Customer Program Manager Nordic at BYD

Nobina becomes the first public transport operator in Europe to take delivery of BYD’s latest 15-metre, three-axle, low-entry eBus model. The vehicle offers a 47+3 seating capacity and a total passenger capacity in excess of 90. Latest generation BYD Iron Phosphate batteries deliver a single-charge range of 400km under SORT test conditions. Pre-heating for the entire saloon provides a more comfortable on-board climate for passengers and driver, while a full cabin-surround for the driver offers COVID-19 protection.

119 BYD eBuses for Nobina further underscores BYD’s position as the Nordic region’s preferred supplier of electric buses, with over 500 vehicles either delivered or on order with public transport operators in over 20 towns and cities throughout Scandinavia. Collectively, the BYD vehicle parc in the Nordic region has clocked-up over 25-million electric kilometres, delivering an impressive 25,000-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

Beginning their successful commercial relationship in 2015, Nobina has selected BYD for a number of its operations in Scandinavia. Today, Nobina operates over 200 BYD eBuses in towns and cities across Sweden, Norway and Finland. Most recently, BYD has supplied eBuses to Nobina for services in the town of Piteå in the north-east of Sweden where 13 BYD 12-metre models are delivering outstanding performance. Piteå is the most northerly location in Europe in which BYD eBuses have been deployed – close to the arctic circle at latitude 65.31º north – often experiencing sub-zero degree temperatures and freezing conditions.

BYD 15-metre eBuses at Nobina Oy depot

“Everyone at Nobina Finland is extremely excited to commence BYD eBus operations in the Turku area.” says Petri Auno, CEO, Nobina Oy. “Our route network is extensive, so a large number of passengers stand to benefit from the new vehicles and a more environmentally friendly method of public transport.”

BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho, adds, “This is another significant moment for BYD in the Nordic region, where the market clearly shows BYD as the preferred supplier of battery electric buses. Our special relationship with Nobina goes from strength-to-strength too,” he said, “and we’re thrilled to be sharing the fantastic landmark of Finland’s largest ever order for electric buses. Standing to gain most, however, will be BYD eBus passengers in and around Turku, and later this year in Helsinki – a new way to take local journeys and to help deliver a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

“Alongside Nobina,” he added, “we’re very keen to see the operational benefits of our a new higher-capacity 15-metre eBus. The new model is full of the latest innovations and proven BYD technology, and we are very confident it will deliver significant fleet-wide operational benefits.”

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