Electric Bus


The K9 is the world’s first 100% electric mass-produced bus, powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. This 12M long range battery electric bus produces zero emission and zero noise. A fully charged BYD K9 provides a range of 250km. A single BYD K9 has already accumulated a total individual mileage of 420,000 km. This bus fully manufactured in BYD incorporates the latest technological advances which makes it an innovative vehicle in passenger transport.
Our buses are the result of extensive innovation and experience in battery technology. We are the first electric bus manufacturer worldwide with over 45,000 ebuses delivered and thus the most experienced. We have mastered the three core technologies of ebuses: batteries, electric motors and electric motor controllers.
A quiet ride with low noise and zero emission is an ideal choice for rejuvenating energy along the road of green journey. BYD e-buses come with Air Suspension which help absorb and direct road force, maintaining wheel oscillation, jounce and rebound on the outside and provide comfort to the passengers on the inside.
Operating Cost around 60-70% less than conventional diesel buses and are not depended on the swinging price of fuel.
Maintenance cost around 50-70% less than diesel while eliminating usual service costs associated with diesel alternatives because of the fewer moving parts.
Battery life is above 4,000 cycles; no need for battery replacement under normal use.
Longest Range
The industry leading driving range 250+ kilometers per charge.

Product specification

L/W/H: 12,000 / 2,500 / 3,400 mm
Range: 250 km
Battery capacity: 324 kWh
Charging time: 4-5 hr
Max. gradeability: 20%

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Advanced battery

keeping it cool
BYD’s thermal management technology keeps the batteries cooler, safer, lighter and prolongs service life.
long-term warranty
With the utmost confidence in the battery quality, BYD provides long-term warranty on the batteries.
environmental friendly
The battery contains no heavy metals or toxic electrolytes, with no pollution or emissions during production.
High performance
With BYD’s proven technology, we strive to support your daily operations on a single charge, making opportunity charging no longer a necessity.
Fast charging solution

Product specification

Input voltage: Three phase AC 380 V / 440 V
Input current: < 126A
L/W/H: 690 mm /400 mm / 200 mm
Net weight: 30 Kg
Length of cable: 3m
Protect function: Short circuit protection Over temperature protection Lighning protection
Housing protection level: IP55

BYD lithium iron-phosphate battery meets the following standards