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Build Your Dream (BYD) is a global sales champion in an electric vehicle whose electric vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, Sky rail is operating in more than 60 countries and 300 cities around the world.BYD’s Electric forklift is a global leader in electric forklift where the BYD market share of Lithium forklift exceeds 75%.Other than obvious zero-emission, BYD electric forklift is much cheaper in the operation and has a battery life of 4000 cycles which can operate up to 20 years.

Further, the adoption of electric mobility in by your esteemed organization would a statement for the promotion of this green sustainable technology.It is the first company in the world to manufacture Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery-powered Forklifts which allow opportunistic charging in between operators’ breaks and no battery swap is required. This maximises operator productivity, safety and satisfaction!

Why BYD E-Forklift

cost saving
Maintenance and replacement-free batteries have a long service life of more than 4000 cycles (>10 years). Higher energy consumption than batteries made from lead acid.
high safety standards
Holds up to the hardest operating conditions without risk of fire or explosion. No Hazardous chemicals and pollution, maintaining a safe and sustainable climate.
non-toxic and environment friendly
Most efficient battery on the market that meets all environmental expectations Most efficient battery on the market that meets all environmental expectations.
many variety
A consumer can choose a suitable forklift for their business. As, BYD has 5 variant (i.e. Counterbalance, Pallets, reach truck, Order truck, and Stacker) of various tons range from 1.5 tons – 5 tons.

aftersale service – providing quality assurance

Detailed inspection and monitoring
Our specialist department inspects and checks each forklift before delivery
Specialized service offered
Maintenance services are available to clients buying our forklifts. Customers who have opted to rent will have routine maintenance and repairs guaranteed. Our professional technicians ensure that the equipment is kept in excellent condition for the safety and productivity of the operators
Customer Service offered
We know breakdowns can occur at any time. We have 24-hour customer service for all breakdowns of equipment.