• TDS purchases 10 BYD ETM6 zero-emission eTrucks in collaboration with Bluekens EV in The Netherlands
  • Bluekens EV, experts in emission-free city logistics and BYD eTruck dealer, provided TDS with a 360-degree solution, including aftersales and maintenance, as well as fleet management solutions
  • BYD ETM6 pure-electric trucks will be used for delivery services of IKEA in Amsterdam

Breda, the Netherlands – Top Delivery Services (TDS) has made a major commitment to emission-free city distribution following the purchase of 10 BYD ETM6 pure-electric eTrucks in collaboration with Bluekens EV, strategic partner and BYD eTruck dealer for the Netherlands. The vehicles will be used specifically for eco-friendly zero-emission delivery services of IKEA in Amsterdam.

TDS’s fleet of 10 BYD ETM6 eTrucks delivered in cooperation with Bluekens

René Wissink, Director of TDS, said: “TDS has already done a lot in the field of electric transport. This is an exciting development as we instantly become one of the major players in the market for emission-free distribution. The collaboration with strategic partner Bluekens EV is indispensable in this regard.”

In the search for a solution for the goal of IKEA, TDS got in touch with Bluekens EV. BYD eTruck dealer, Bluekens EV based in Breda, are experts in emission-free city logistics and also fleet management solutions. René Wissink continued: “TDS would not have been able to take this step without Bluekens EV, being such a major name in the transport world. The organisation has enormous expertise in the field of electric transport and we have the assurance of aftersales and maintenance, all of which gives us a lot of confidence.”

BYD ETM6 eTrucks Driving in the Streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

As well as this knowledge, Bluekens EV also offered TDS the advantage of a 360-degree sales and aftersales service plan. This is enhanced further with a range of added value services including charging infrastructure, fleet management and complete leasing solutions.

A multitude of innovative features inherent to the BYD ETM6 eTrucks makes them the ideal zero-emission vehicles to fulfil environmental goals, while also being very safe, quiet and practical for operating in high density city centres. Powered by BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology, the BYD ETM6 zero-emission electric truck offers the longest driving range, 200 km with a full load, in the market within its 7.5 tonnes category, as well as extended battery life and high levels of safety.

TDS is a joint venture of logistic service providers comprising Holwerda Transport, Transportbedrijf P.A. van Rooyen and Brakenhoff Transport. Wissink concluded: “There is an increasing need from the customer for electric transport, a trend which has been going on for some time. As a transporter, you automatically go along with such developments, but we always try to anticipate.”

One of the BYD ETM6 eTrucks which will be operated by TDS to deliver IKEA products in Amsterdam

Gert-Jan Jonker, General Manager, Bluekens EV, said: “The BYD ETM6 is perfect for emission-free city logistics. Compared to most electric trucks, this model drives smoothly, has a long range for everyday use, a low TCO and fast charging technology. In addition, smart solutions for the charging infrastructure at TDS were considered in the preliminary phase. As a result, new charging facilities have been developed at one location, which will allow the surplus of solar energy from the solar panels to be used for charging. Bluekens EV also takes care of the fleet management, which supports TDS. It is our job to monitor the fleet, keep it running and provide insights into costs. The uptime of the vehicles should be as high as possible. In the event of a breakdown, we contact the driver and help him or her to get back on the road quickly. We initially try this by telephone, otherwise our technicians will quickly arrive on site to solve the problem.”

The BYD eTrucks will be used to transport IKEA products

Mahmut Mobassit, eTruck Director, BYD Europe B.V., said: “We are proud that BYD eTrucks have been selected by such a well-known name as TDS and also for the role they will play in providing such an important zero-emission delivery service for IKEA in Amsterdam. Quiet, clean and safe, our BYD ETM6 eTrucks embrace a new era in electric powered commercial transportation, without compromising on performance, efficiency and practicality. Together with our partner in the Netherlands, Bluekens EV, we are pleased to support TDS with a comprehensive aftersales service and fleet management solution to continually elevate operating efficiencies, in the knowledge that our eTrucks are being sympathetic to the environment.”

About IKEA 

IKEA is a Swedish-origin Dutch-headquartered multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services. Founded in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. Read More

About Top Delivery Services (TDS)

Top Delivery Services is a joint venture of the logistics service providers Holwerda Transport, Transport company P.A. van Rooyen and Brakenhoff Transport. Transport and storage of goods, in particular furniture and kitchens, is their expertise in particular with years of experience. When it comes to developing the most suitable logistics solutions, Top Delivery Services always delivers a customized solution. TDS has been optimizing its logistics processes as a continuous challenge and continue to work together with its clients to further improve its product.

About Bluekens EV

Bluekens EV is part of the long-established Bluekens Group, a well-known dealer of other OEM truck brands with an extensive service network across the Netherlands. Family-owned Bluekens can trace its roots back to 1823 and has been successful in truck sales and aftersales services since the 1950s. Bluekens EV will be responsible for bringing a 360-degree approach to BYD’s truck sales and aftersales operations, providing added-value services such as charging solutions, fleet management, and complete leasing solutions to the customers in the West, South-Central, South-West, and centre of the Netherlands. BYD has appointed Bluekens EV B.V. as the first dealer in sales and aftersales services in the Netherlands for its range of pure-electric eTrucks and eVans up to 12 tonnes. Read More

About BYD 

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is the world’s leading electric vehicle company with proven innovative technology for cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, and rail systems – like SkyRail. BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. BYD now has four industries including Auto, Electronics, New Energy, and Rail Transit. Since its foundation in 1995, the company quickly developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 80 countries and regions. Its creation of a Zero Emissions Energy Solution, comprising affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage, and cutting-edge electrified transportation, has made it an industry leader in the energy and transportation sectors. BYD is a Warren Buffet-backed company and is listed both on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. BYD has over 220,000 employees across 30 industrial sites globally. BYD is the Global Sales Champion in Electric Vehicle for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. BYD is the World’s Largest Electric Bus manufacturer in the world and has delivered the World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet in the world. BYD has been helping the community during this unprecedented times and provided masks worldwide by setting up the World’s Largest Face Mask Plant with daily capacity of 5 million face masks. Read More

About Cimex

Cimex successfully managed to get the dealership of world leading electric vehicle maker BYD in Nepal. Being the authorized distributor of BYD in Nepal, Cimex introduced long range pure electric vehicle in Nepal with the aim to bring green revolution in automobile sector of Nepal. In Nepal’s context, electric vehicles could be a solution to ever-growing environmental problem and with the electricity generation potential, Cimex Inc aims to capitalize the opportunity and maneuver the country toward green revolution via electric mobility. Cimex offers wide choice of electric vehicle in Nepal ranging from electric SUVs, MPVs, eForklift, eBus in Nepal. Along with this Cimex also provides electric mobility solution- EV charger, after-sales service, charging infrastructure network. Cimex is also the Largest Charging Station Operator in Nepal. Read More